How Hospital Cafeterias Are Increasing Retail Revenue

Hospitals retail areas find themselves under increasing pressure to meet revenue goals Faced with rising costs and financially challenging times, healthcare organizations are increasingly looking to their retail areas as an additional source of revenue generation. Although hospital foodservices operations are well known for providing patient meals, most if not all are also responsible for the retail side… Read More »

Indian Wedding Planning Checklist – A Guide How to Prepare for Your Indian Wedding Planning

Proposal Done. What Next? The wedding proposition has happened. Or perhaps your matchmaking has now been sorted. Both you as well as your significant other have made a unified commitment to undertake the subsequent major part of life together. What is going to be your following thing to do? Preparing the wedding party naturally. And that’s how the… Read More »

Why Am I Still Hungry, Unsatisfied or Tired After I Eat?

Does hormone in-balance contribute to hunger, and is this related to a vitamin deficiency that contributes to hunger and loss of energy? Even disease? I believe it does. I have never been on hormone replacement therapy, because, as I transitioned through menopause, I started having breast cysts, and I found out I had fibroids. These were both caused… Read More »

Childhood Obesity – Emotional Effects and Sedentary Lifestyles

The social and psychological issues of childhood obesity are perhaps even more intrusive on the child's life than the physical. Childhood is a critical time for the development of self-esteem, thus the psychological issues faced by an overweight child places even more urgency on the prevention of the problem. Obesity is "one of the most stigmatizing and least… Read More »

Marketing Through Service – How to Get Customer Referrals and Sales Leads in Any Business

"Without customers you have no business, you have absolutely nothing". The best way to get customers is from referrals and sales leads. A sales lead or prospect is a business opportunity to gain a customer and make a sale. The best sales leads are from referrals. The best referrals in the world are word of mouth recommendations from… Read More »